Nowadays news are packed with questions like which Diet one should choose and people try out different kinds of diets. For some they work, for others they don’t, while for some people it works for a while and then they gain everything up again.

There are of course different reasons to go on a diet. To loose weight, to gain weight, to get more energy and what not. It is getting more popular to go on a diet, but when there are so many which one should you choose right? I’ve been asked this question a lot of times and usually I just say I’m eating healthy. If I have to put a name on it it’ll be a kind of mix of LCHF and Paleo. I do however eat what I’m served at friends houses without complaint and then go back to my normal healthy food when I’m home. Where I tend to avoid any kind of sugar and grains.

Everyone knows the frase: “You are what you eat”… well look at this picture which pretty much proves the point:

You are what you eat!

You are what you eat!

When people want to change their way of eating and ask “well what am I supposed to eat?”, you pretty much already know what you’re not supposed to…So a simple tip would be:

Just avoid the things you KNOW are bad for you!!

That’ll be a good start as much of the things that are bad you already know of. Then if you want to go deeper you just have to read a little about it…Here’s a few weight loss tips that are good for healthy living aswell.

Well IF you’re interested, below is a picture of my breakfast this morning.


This breakfast contains: Banana pancakes with strawberry, bacon!, eggs with mayo & spring onion and an apple. Coffee for drinks and usually with lemon water (not in pic). This is absolutely my favourite breakfast! But that’s just me…well and my girlfriends..(Her blogg in swedish) You try it! Cuz you know living healthy CAN be eating the things you like too!
Later I’m gonna post how I lost 17kg in 2 months with eathing the things I like!

Bacon…just saying…


The L.A. lifestyle

So I’ve decided to pick up juicing. I know it’s nothing new, but there’s a new boom about it. I’ve been eating multi vitamin pills for a long time already but they are booring and I wanted something new, or different.
This trend started out in Los Angeles and the celebrities and has come to Finland through Sweden. And now to my kitchen 🙂

So why not pick out the fruits/vegetables you like, mix them with other  nutricious ones and just juice the s**t out of them! What you have left is a delicious fresh juice packed with everything you need. Easy right? It might sound so, But I have to know which fruit/vegetable contains what.. so I bought a couple of books to help me out.



I also have a blender for things like avocados, bananas and other soft things that can easily be mixed to a smooth texture..
Well it’s a new “hobby” if you will and I think it’s a good one now that summer is coming and I get to juice all the things growing on my parents yard 😉

It’s been good so far(2 weeks) so whether you’re in it to loose weight, stay healthy or just like the taste of fresh juice I strongly rekommend it!

Stay fresh!
Get juicy!

New Guitar Wanted!

I’ve been thinking about buying a new guitar for a while now. Been looking into Hagströms (Viking) and a Gretsch (Tim Armstrong signature). I really can’t decide on which one to buy. They both look good. I have no clue about Hagströms other than I’ve read that they’re good and that Elvis had one during his comback. Gretsch is a more known brand for me and I’ve seen people use that one more.

I’ve got two interesting choises:

The Hag:

The Gretsch:

Now the Gretsch is twice as expensive as the Hag, but as I know next to nothing about Hags I’m still considering both. They both look good anyhow…

I saw someone compairing an Ibanez AS to these saying it’s as good and inexpensive.. at least as the Hag..

Anyone got any inputs on this?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wow what a hectic but yet so nice christmas it was! had The christmas tree decorated, ginger breads made, drank mulled wine and I already got a bit worried about snow, but the day before christmas it snowed a LOT! So yey! we got a white christmas this year and it seems to hold up too!

Went skiing today for the first time this winter! We bought ourself early x-mas gifts, which were mountain skis AND cross country skis. Today we did about an hour of “XC skiing”. This because we we’re so exited when buying we forgot the sticks. So we only had one pair that I have for roller skiing…Image1 And a gentleman/woodsman as I am I let my girlfriend use them and found myself a perfectly good stick from the forrest.

It had been a while since any of us had been skiing so it took a while to get used to it, but the more fun it was! We decided to do this more often!

Looking forward to going to the mountains as well and try out our new alpine skiing gear too! But that’ll be in a few months in march I think.

Well… that about skiing…food anyone? Just HOW much did I eat these last few days? spending x-mas at several places and eating a christmas dinner at all of them really fills one up! At least for my account If not with salmond and ham then with chocolate truffles. Looking forward to a few days of resting before New Years eve!Image5

Did brew two kind of beer for the holidays, I’m really happy about the IPA! The x-mas beer didnät quite turn out as I expected so have to work on that one for next year 😉
Fortunately did not drink all the beer I made so we do have some left for the new year celebration!

That’s all! Just wanted to say I’m thankful for all the snow, family and friends and the gifts and wish everyone a happy new year!

Beerbrew and broken wine bottles

So I’ve really gotten in to brewing beer. It’s an exciting craft as you have to wait for it and see how it turns out. Brewed my third batch yesterday which is going to bee this years christmas beer. It has honey, orange peel, ginger and cilantro as spices. It’ll be aroung 6,3%.


Color of the Christmas Beer

As I mentioned in the last post I made an IPA and it’s still fermenting in the kitchen. It’s nice sitting in the kitchen and having them both making bubbly sounds in different corners of the room.

Was a busy day, yesterday, as we started off with a morning jog for 6,6km with my girlfriend, then I started brewing beer and by the time I finished up cleaning she’d come back from thaiboxing and I headed off to hockey practice. After that I went for another jog 12km with a friend and ended the night on the sofa and had a beer. Nice day really!

Another thing I learned this week was to cut wine bottles using water…yupp at first I thought how in the world that is possible, but after a few minutes on youtube it got pretty easy 🙂
And so I made a candle wine bottle plank thingy 😛 or an advent candle holder. Im planning to make a chadelier of wine bottles…only need a bit help from a electrician.


Yeah so that’s some of my many hobbies. At the moment I’m reading Thimothy Ferries book “4hour body” that has many intresting tips and facts.
I look forward to the day I get to write a book that’ll be nice…just for the fun of it 🙂

Well if you don’t have any hobbies get one.. there’s always time for it..for a small one..maybe together with someone or at the same time doing something else. It keeps things interesting

Save water and have a beer.

Autumn brings out the Craftsmanship in You

Autumn is a fun time of the year! There’s a lot you can do, or as you had to do “back in the days”, to prepare for winter. This year I got into picking mushrooms in the forrest and making applemash. I also made a lot of sausages, brewed beer and knitted a scarf with my Icehockey teams colors.

IMG_20140905_230018In Finland we have this law called “Everyman’s right” or “Freedom to roam”- as it is called on wikipedia 🙂 Which basically let us go into the forrest to pick berries, mushrooms and whatever the forrest has to offer. During summer and autumn there’s a lot to pick acording to season. I ws too late and too busy during blueberry season so did not get to pick any of those this year, but instead went in for mushrooms. I don’t really know that well which ones are good for food and which are poisonous. Luckily I found a lot of Chantarelles which I am 100% sure about that are great for some mushroom sauce with eg. Salmon, pork or basically any food…It’s just that good… so I cut them in pieces and fried them a bit before putting them in the freezer. This lot made about 10 bags of 4servings.

We also picked some apples from my parents trees on their yard and mom showed how to make mash and use it to make some delicious desssert! Now we got a few bags of that in the freezer too. These will last for a while i think!


Beer brewing has suddenly become a hobby of mine. I took a course in it a few months back and bought equipment to start brewing at home. This was my first try and it still as to mature in the bottles for at least another 4weeks. This one came as a ready package with the malt, hops and yeast. i figured it’s best to try one of these before going on figuring out recipies of my own. Didn’t have a malt grinder though so i tried to crush them with a mortar.. didn’t get all the sugar needed but if the taste is good and there’s bubbles I’m happy. And it was fun trying!

IMG_20140827_140856 IMG_0009

IMG_0004As I wrote in the post before this one Icehockey season has begun! I started working on this scarf during summer with the goal that it had to be ready before the season. I finished the day before the first game, so mission accomplished!! Going to my first game 26th this month as we play against my girlfriends team. Last time we went we won 4-1…

So it’s been a good start on the Autumn learning a lot of new things and had a lot to do! We went to the Tough Viking race in Helsinki which was really fun! Already looking forward to the next one in Amsterdam and the Winter edition up in Lapland!
Here’s a video I made from the race:

Eat to live or living to eat? How we all became addicts!

We’re all addicts! You and Boo an I! Hamsters and rangers everywhere! Rejoice!

Food is basically a source for energy. NOTHING else. That’s it! We get our energy from it to go on living. This is the way it’s been since ancient times. But what happened then?

Hunters and Gatherers

Hunters and Gatherers

The ancient human hunted and gathered for food. We knew what to eat and when to eat. We knew how to listen and feel our body to choose the food needed. We chose the food that gave us the best energy to go on the longest!Of course there was some trial and error, but humans evolved, got smarter and learned from their mistakes. So we also knew what makes us feel bad and what kills us.This sounds logical and good doesn’t it? BUT this was during ancient times…

After running behind antelopes and other animals until they give up, get exhausted and fall down we’d to run pretty far. So we came up with the idea to farm! If there’s no food running around or your’e tired, have a broken leg, too far to your favorite fruit-three etc this is great! It might not be the best food that there is that our body needs the most but you can grow it outside your house/cave whatever…I don’t need to walk as far. Okey so we survive and life just got a bit easier. This also sound logic and obvious?

After that we realized that it’s even more comfortable if someone else does the farming and hunting and we can buy it all at a store! Or even have it delivered to our door! It might not be just those we prefer again and they might not grow/farm/hunt like we used to but hey..at least I don’t need to do it anymore! Wow! How cool is that? Life is again a little easier!
Wrong! Jump back to the beginning.

“Food is basically a source for energy”

“We chose the food that gave us the best energy to go on the longest!”


You are what you eat!

You are what you eat!

Somewhere along the way vi forgot the most important thing in how and what we eat! We made it a lot easier for us but to what cost? This was compensated in missing out on the quality in our food! Look at us! Do we look like we listen to our bodies and think about what we eat? DO we even know our bodies anymore? Do we eat to keep on going or do we keep on going so that we can eat? These are questions that we need to ask ourselves in front of a mirror.

Take care of your body!

Take care of your body!

Sure, food CAN be enjoyable but it’s not MEANT to be! A good chef can turn food into art as can a good artist with garbage. Garbage IS NOT art, but garbage CAN become art. In the same way we can make food enjoyable to eat! But remember that food is so much more then a pleasure! It’s a source we get energy from and that makes our body feel good and healthy. As it seems we have forgotten this point and like junkies started to misuse the most vital source our existence! (after air and water)

Eat to live! Don’t live to eat!



Snack Bar: Part 1 – Mantun Grilli

After our visit to “Pop-Kalaset” (a music festival held annually in Ekenäs) we decided to go for the perfect hang-over food. Mantun Grilli is a well known snack bar right in the center of Turku.

At first glance it doesen’t look like much, I mean it’s a small 6m2 yellow box next to a parking lot. It’s only open Tuesday-Sunday from 6pm so during the day while passing it it’s a small closed yellow box. Anyhow leaving a bar or nightclub on weekends you’re lucky if there’s no queue because the line tend to fill upp most of the sidewalk on the late hours. It has only one table with benches to sit and eat outside and a few more benches in the surrounding park area. Most people tend to take their food home with them as take-Away.
The Menu seems quite large for this little place but on a closer look it’s because all the extra ingredients takes most of the room. They don’t really have any “speciality” of their own, like their own hamburger, but still they are quite famous for their “Makkaraperunat” (Sausagepotatos) which is basically frozen fries with sausage bits. This is a very common dish in most snack bars i Finland but the thing that makes these special is the garlic sauce! (At least for me…other sauces also available)

This time we went home with the sausagepotatos as well, but also a hamburger with cheese. The hamburger was pretty flat beacause of the press-grill they use and had a lot of onion in it (for those who don’t like onions BEWARE). The sausagepotatos came drenched in the garlic sausage which, by my opinion, is exactly how I want them. Although worth mentioning is that the frozen potatoes tasted exaclty like that..basic frozen potatoes. Now going home from the bar a bit “tipsy” and wanting that salty fatty food this is the right place to go.

I’m going to try to scale the food 1-10:

1 – 4 (awful – not eatable)
5 – 10 (eatable-perfection)

Hamburger with Cheese: 5  (might be better changing half the onions into more sallad)
Makkaraperunat: 7
Garlic sauce: 10+ (Which basically leaves the)
Makkaraperunat with garlic sauce at: 9-