I just felt like running!

Been participating in a few races again! Oh and I also started school again 🙂
Some might say it’s a 30-year crisis, starting to study and running marathons and other races…well feels good to do it so I feel like it’s not an issue. Like Forrest Gump I grew a beard and started running cuz’ I felt like it!
Anyhow first of was:

Turku Triathlon Weekend!
This was the first time they organized this competition in Turku so I was excited to be part of it! It’ll be nice to see how it progresses through the years. There was two options what comes to distance; The Sprint & The Half Distance.
I chose the sprint (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run). I’m not that good a swimmer nor on the bike so this way I got to try it out.
I got exhausted after the swim so I kinda was chilling gathering myself during the biking, then I was able to do my best during the run. finished 49th of 200+ so not that bad 🙂 The whole race was very good organized with clear rutes and instructions along the way! Very nice job!
2015-08-15 11.58.56 2015-08-15 16.04.55 P-R 15.08.2015-1373

Next up:
Tough Viking in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki!
This is a obstacle race in the heart of Helsinki and is 12km runing with about 16 obstacles along the way. At this point I’m already used to queuing to the obstacles as this was my 4th obstacle race so far, so the long queues didn’t bother me as much as many other participants.
They had changed some of the obstacles from last year and made them a bit tougher which was nice! Though at some points it was hard to find the rute. But yet again a fun experiance despite the rain and and getting the flu! I’m gonna do this again!
elhinderTV2015-09-05 14.05.262015-09-05 14.06.47 2015-09-06 18.45.26

During the week after Tough Viking we had some partying at the start of my studies. I started studying Philosophy in Åbo Akademi in Turku and we had the “inscription party” for the new students on Thursday. And two days later on Saturday it was time for:

Turku City Marathon!
My feelings before the race wasn’t that good because I had the flue during the week and my legs hadn’t really recovered from the race last week and I still felt tired from Thursdays party… In the book “Born to Run” they ran after partying so I figured I’d see how far I get and just keep track of my heart rate.
The race took part in the centre of Turku running through it two times. The route was really nice, running by the river and a bit in the forrests and crossing bridges.

The only minus is that it’s a very small marathon so there was very few people participating and cheering. There could have been more organizers too becaus not all turns were obvious. For example in the city they had different turning points for 10km and 1/2 marathon, they had missed to mention (even when I asked the organizer standing there) that the full marathon also turns here… So me and a few others ran about 2km extra…but mistakes happen and I got through to the finish with the time 3h44min!

Well anyhow I bet this will get bigger and better…The scenery was nice and there was enough water stations and so on! All in all a great experiance! And I actually felt like my flue had gone away, like I’d run away from it 😉
2015-09-12 11.40.39 11998323_738277966276244_1929004936_n2015-09-12 15.33.57

So three great races behind! Now I have to focus on school. Icehockey season has started so I’ll be doing that for now!
You can follow more updates on my instagram account: @napilus

“If you want to achieve something you’ve never had, you have to do stuff you’ve never done before!”


When in rome and some other stuff!

Been doing a lot of stuff since my last post so this will just be a quick breef in a nutshell of whats been going on!
Not long after my blog post Trying different sports a friend of mine called me up and convinced me to go to an Orienteering event. He’s been trying to do so for ages and now I couldn’t come up with an excuse not to…according to him we were going to try it out once and if it goes well we’re going to a small competition the next week.

After the first try!

After the first try!

Well turns out this “try out” was actually a competition and the competition the following week was The Jukola relay – the biggest orienteering relay in the world…Luckily I had done some orienteering in the army but putting me on the biggest strip 15km in the middle of the night was a bit of a challenge! It all went fine though and it was a lot of fun!! I definetly will do that again! I did hurt my ankle but after a small break I continued running. I also managed to make the papers 😉


Click the pictude for the article (it’s in Swedish and don’t know how long it’s online)

Two weeks later we entered the Paavo Nurmi Marathon in Turku to run the hald distance with my girlfriend. She wanted to do better than she did in Helsinki in May. So I was there for support and she managed to run a personal best! 2:10 on a half marathon! Really proud of her effort!
Anyone interested in her blogg (is in swedish) visit: Heidis blogg
A few photos from along the way…

2015-06-27 17.47.442015-06-27 16.40.26

So after all the running and training we deserved some vacation! The next weekend we had great wheather and it was time for Ruis Rock, a 3-day-rock festival in Turku! On Monday we went to Italy for 11 days and rented a car for 8 days just to travel the whole Country! Well not the whole but Rome, Sicily, Neaples, Pompeij, Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Cinque Terre… It was very hectic but a lot of Fun! We saw so much and did a lot of stuff!! For photos please visit napilus on instagram and scroll down a bit. Here’s a preview:

2015-07-07 15.55.36 2015-07-13 10.50.42

After we came home I had to work for 10days on the boat, and the following weekend we went to a beautiful wedding where Heidi was the maid of honor. After that it’s been mostly chilling and training for the upcoming Turku Triathlon weekend, where I’ll be doing the sprint of 750m swimming, 20km bike and 5km running! Trying out the sprint and see how it goes. If it goes well I might just enter the half distance next year! My strenght is definately the running part since I haven’t had the time to swim this summer and I feel pretty new on the bike still.

Well that’s about 3 moths in a nutshell! This weekend a Triathlon and then a obstacle race the 5th of September!

Keep strong!


Nowadays news are packed with questions like which Diet one should choose and people try out different kinds of diets. For some they work, for others they don’t, while for some people it works for a while and then they gain everything up again.

There are of course different reasons to go on a diet. To loose weight, to gain weight, to get more energy and what not. It is getting more popular to go on a diet, but when there are so many which one should you choose right? I’ve been asked this question a lot of times and usually I just say I’m eating healthy. If I have to put a name on it it’ll be a kind of mix of LCHF and Paleo. I do however eat what I’m served at friends houses without complaint and then go back to my normal healthy food when I’m home. Where I tend to avoid any kind of sugar and grains.

Everyone knows the frase: “You are what you eat”… well look at this picture which pretty much proves the point:

You are what you eat!

You are what you eat!

When people want to change their way of eating and ask “well what am I supposed to eat?”, you pretty much already know what you’re not supposed to…So a simple tip would be:

Just avoid the things you KNOW are bad for you!!

That’ll be a good start as much of the things that are bad you already know of. Then if you want to go deeper you just have to read a little about it…Here’s a few weight loss tips that are good for healthy living aswell.

Well IF you’re interested, below is a picture of my breakfast this morning.


This breakfast contains: Banana pancakes with strawberry, bacon!, eggs with mayo & spring onion and an apple. Coffee for drinks and usually with lemon water (not in pic). This is absolutely my favourite breakfast! But that’s just me…well and my girlfriends..(Her blogg in swedish) You try it! Cuz you know living healthy CAN be eating the things you like too!
Later I’m gonna post how I lost 17kg in 2 months with eathing the things I like!

Bacon…just saying…

Trying different sports!

Lately I have tried a lot of new sports. Last year I ran my first Marathon, Triathlon and Obstacle Race. This summer is going to be no different! I’ve already run a half marathon and in a few weeks I’m going to run my second one. A part from that I’ve signed up for a triathlon sprint in August and another Obstacle Race in September. I hope I will have time for more though…
Most of July is spent going on a roadtrip trough Italy and the south of France with my girlfriend, might wanna check availability for races on those dates!

Today I finished a begginers course of golf and got my Green Card! been thinking of that for a while now and finally got through with it! So got to go out and get down that Handicap!

I also got into Kayaking. My parents house is located at the sea so kayaking has also been on the to-do-list for a very long time. My arms are still a bit untrained for it though cuz after a 15km trip they felt pretty used! Well i did paddle quite hard and there was a heavy wind…Oh and the SUN! You should see my tanline…Only my arms from the T-shirt line down…Found this Picture on the net of different tan lines! Which one are you this summer? 🙂tanlines

The thing I like about these different sports is just that! That they are different! Well at least different from Icehockey and Soccer that I have played all my life. Speaking of wintersports last winter I went cross-country skiing for the first time since the military I think! About 10 years ago! And also alpine skiing first time since a long time ago! So much fun!

I like trying new sports and then have the opportunity to practice them when I feel like it! Then I won’t get bored at any of them because I get enough variation! Not to mention the great workout from all the different sports!

Any way, guess what I’m saying is that if you ever wanted or even a little bit thought about getting in to something or trying something… go for it! Otherwise It’ll just be one more thing you never did…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wow what a hectic but yet so nice christmas it was! had The christmas tree decorated, ginger breads made, drank mulled wine and I already got a bit worried about snow, but the day before christmas it snowed a LOT! So yey! we got a white christmas this year and it seems to hold up too!

Went skiing today for the first time this winter! We bought ourself early x-mas gifts, which were mountain skis AND cross country skis. Today we did about an hour of “XC skiing”. This because we we’re so exited when buying we forgot the sticks. So we only had one pair that I have for roller skiing…Image1 And a gentleman/woodsman as I am I let my girlfriend use them and found myself a perfectly good stick from the forrest.

It had been a while since any of us had been skiing so it took a while to get used to it, but the more fun it was! We decided to do this more often!

Looking forward to going to the mountains as well and try out our new alpine skiing gear too! But that’ll be in a few months in march I think.

Well… that about skiing…food anyone? Just HOW much did I eat these last few days? spending x-mas at several places and eating a christmas dinner at all of them really fills one up! At least for my account If not with salmond and ham then with chocolate truffles. Looking forward to a few days of resting before New Years eve!Image5

Did brew two kind of beer for the holidays, I’m really happy about the IPA! The x-mas beer didnät quite turn out as I expected so have to work on that one for next year 😉
Fortunately did not drink all the beer I made so we do have some left for the new year celebration!

That’s all! Just wanted to say I’m thankful for all the snow, family and friends and the gifts and wish everyone a happy new year!

Beerbrew and broken wine bottles

So I’ve really gotten in to brewing beer. It’s an exciting craft as you have to wait for it and see how it turns out. Brewed my third batch yesterday which is going to bee this years christmas beer. It has honey, orange peel, ginger and cilantro as spices. It’ll be aroung 6,3%.


Color of the Christmas Beer

As I mentioned in the last post I made an IPA and it’s still fermenting in the kitchen. It’s nice sitting in the kitchen and having them both making bubbly sounds in different corners of the room.

Was a busy day, yesterday, as we started off with a morning jog for 6,6km with my girlfriend, then I started brewing beer and by the time I finished up cleaning she’d come back from thaiboxing and I headed off to hockey practice. After that I went for another jog 12km with a friend and ended the night on the sofa and had a beer. Nice day really!

Another thing I learned this week was to cut wine bottles using water…yupp at first I thought how in the world that is possible, but after a few minutes on youtube it got pretty easy 🙂
And so I made a candle wine bottle plank thingy 😛 or an advent candle holder. Im planning to make a chadelier of wine bottles…only need a bit help from a electrician.


Yeah so that’s some of my many hobbies. At the moment I’m reading Thimothy Ferries book “4hour body” that has many intresting tips and facts.
I look forward to the day I get to write a book that’ll be nice…just for the fun of it 🙂

Well if you don’t have any hobbies get one.. there’s always time for it..for a small one..maybe together with someone or at the same time doing something else. It keeps things interesting

Save water and have a beer.

Ooops I did it again!

Here we go again, I’ve signed up for another marathon! This time it will be in Tokyo, Japan, the 22th of February 2015! Well at least if number of participants doesn’t exceed 35,500. Because then it will go to lottery… I got so excited, I’ve aways wanted to go to Tokyo! Can’t understand why I haven’t yet… I always see a lot of crazy stuff going on there in documentaries and especially all the shows on travel channel! So why not mix two fun things into one great thing? Of course I’m going there when there’s a Marathon! So let’s just keep our thumbs up and hope I get to run it!

Big in Japan

Big in Japan

But to not jump too far ahead in the future I still have a few races to finish here in Finland before I get to do anything else. This week on Sunday I will try my first Triathlon! It’s a very short one though but that’s good for starters.. If I like it I’ll join more and longer ones in the future. This one is held in Helsinki and it’s kind of a Tri-for-fun race. There’s a race separately for competition bikes and normal bikes. I entered the one for competition although the tyres of my bike are 10mm wider than the limit…whatever…The route is 300m Swim, 10km Bike and 3km Run. So kind of a sprint really.


Tri                                                    For                                                          Fun

After that the 6th of September we’ve (with a bunch of friends) signed up for the obstacle race “Tough Viking” which is also held in Helsinki! This is going to be lot’s of fun I believe! 12km route with (at least) 15 obstacles! Although this is still a test run for the one we’re going to with my girlfriend in Amsterdam the 25th of October! That one is 19km! We’ve done a bit of training for this already. We go running together as part of a training program I made for her which includes running 4 times a week!! 

Tough Viking

Tough Viking

So as far as today goes the following races will come up:
24.8 Helsinki Triathlon
6.9 Tough Viking Helsinki
25.10 Strong Viking (brother edition) Amsterdam
22.2.2015 Tokyo Marathon

Still got a few races on my mind but we’ll see how the first ones go first! I would want to do a race in South America next i think!

Run and have Fun!

“Born to Run” – A must read for everyone!

I’ve just finished reading the book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall and it’s absolutely fantastic! I got to know the book when I was looking for some inspirational books to read before my first marathon. I already had so many books on my list so I didn’t quite get to read it in time, as the marathon was almost 2 months ago…Anyhow my girlfriends sister left her copy at our place and I picked it up and started reading. 3 days later I was done with all of the 366 pages. I don’t know about you but for me that’s a lot in 3 days!

The swedish version of the Book

The swedish version of the Book

I first thought the book was going to be about a guy who likes running and his feelings about it and him going to find some other people, even tribes that have almost been forgotten, that also share his love for running. But I was soon to be proven wrong! This book gave me huge inspiration to go running, I actually ran to work, on day two of reading (22km)n and after my day was done I ran home (22km)!

Okey I had to walk a bit on the way home as it was almost 30C and I ran out of water at about 10km. So I did a whole marathon spontaniously out of inspiration!

 I’m also looking into barefoot running, of which there’s a lot of talk about in the book. Stories about the tribes in Mexico running in sandals made of tyres and people running marathons and what-not barefooted!

Tarahumara sandals made of tyres

Tarahumara sandals made of tyres

Well, other than inspiration, the book is packed with intresting facts about history, amazing stories, insights of human anatomy and mind-blowing links to our evolution! At times I actually had to put the book down just to suck in the facts that I’ve just read. I got a whole new picture of what our body is made for, how we are designed to work and what we are able to do with it!

Our body is designed to run! Not fast, but far and for a long time! Remember to keep running a fun thing and not just as an exercise! Look at how children play! They chase each other, they run around and have fun doing it! The oldest fun we had is running! So remember to keep it fun!
born-to-run-christopher-mc-dougall-copper-canyon-ultra-marathon-03I strongly recomend this book! As it is very inspirational, educational and right-on punch in the face Mind Blowing! As amazon.com puts it on their list of 100 books to read in a lifetime I have to narrow it down to at least Top 50! Right now It’s among my favorite 5 books!

Have fun and run!

Eat to live or living to eat? How we all became addicts!

We’re all addicts! You and Boo an I! Hamsters and rangers everywhere! Rejoice!

Food is basically a source for energy. NOTHING else. That’s it! We get our energy from it to go on living. This is the way it’s been since ancient times. But what happened then?

Hunters and Gatherers

Hunters and Gatherers

The ancient human hunted and gathered for food. We knew what to eat and when to eat. We knew how to listen and feel our body to choose the food needed. We chose the food that gave us the best energy to go on the longest!Of course there was some trial and error, but humans evolved, got smarter and learned from their mistakes. So we also knew what makes us feel bad and what kills us.This sounds logical and good doesn’t it? BUT this was during ancient times…

After running behind antelopes and other animals until they give up, get exhausted and fall down we’d to run pretty far. So we came up with the idea to farm! If there’s no food running around or your’e tired, have a broken leg, too far to your favorite fruit-three etc this is great! It might not be the best food that there is that our body needs the most but you can grow it outside your house/cave whatever…I don’t need to walk as far. Okey so we survive and life just got a bit easier. This also sound logic and obvious?

After that we realized that it’s even more comfortable if someone else does the farming and hunting and we can buy it all at a store! Or even have it delivered to our door! It might not be just those we prefer again and they might not grow/farm/hunt like we used to but hey..at least I don’t need to do it anymore! Wow! How cool is that? Life is again a little easier!
Wrong! Jump back to the beginning.

“Food is basically a source for energy”

“We chose the food that gave us the best energy to go on the longest!”


You are what you eat!

You are what you eat!

Somewhere along the way vi forgot the most important thing in how and what we eat! We made it a lot easier for us but to what cost? This was compensated in missing out on the quality in our food! Look at us! Do we look like we listen to our bodies and think about what we eat? DO we even know our bodies anymore? Do we eat to keep on going or do we keep on going so that we can eat? These are questions that we need to ask ourselves in front of a mirror.

Take care of your body!

Take care of your body!

Sure, food CAN be enjoyable but it’s not MEANT to be! A good chef can turn food into art as can a good artist with garbage. Garbage IS NOT art, but garbage CAN become art. In the same way we can make food enjoyable to eat! But remember that food is so much more then a pleasure! It’s a source we get energy from and that makes our body feel good and healthy. As it seems we have forgotten this point and like junkies started to misuse the most vital source our existence! (after air and water)

Eat to live! Don’t live to eat!



Bend over and give me a high five!

I realized a high truth yesterday biking home from work! It really gave me an A-ha experience. You know how professional cyclists have an extremely compact posture while biking? It’s made to understand that this is to make them go faster…aerodynamics or what not…I don’t buy this..It might give you a slight advantage, but yesterday I realized the truth! Bugs! And lots of Bugs!! If you’re tired and have your mouth open you really get the taste of a bug’s life…

So there I was…minding my own business feeling happy cycling in the sun after work and listening to an audiobook from my phone an suddenly a bug hits the back of my throat! I got so surprised I didn’t know if I needed to breath in or out! I think I got the bug out…

Surfin' Right in to the throat of people!

Surfin’ Right in to the throat of people!

Let’s just say after that I kinda kept my head down and my mouth shut, UNTIL, 10km later I had my head up again because there was a lot of traffic and the road was narrow and then it hit me. No it really hit me! Felt like someone threw a tennis ball into my face! A huge bug flew right into my eye! Fortunately I had sunglasses on but the impact was pretty strong it hurt my neck! I can only imagine how the bug felt!

This was probably the huge thing that hit me! :P

This was probably the huge thing that hit me! 😛

So if this wasn’t enough for one ride to learn to keep my head down third-time-say’s it all! This time there was the “cloud” of tiny bugs. You know the ones that stay in a sun-lighted spot. Well going at my speed they we’re so tiny so I did not see them. I had learned to keep my mouth shut which was good but let’s just say I got spray painted with bugs caught on my sweaty face and arms.
So the lesson learned here is to bend over and keep your head down if your biking! It’s not to gain high speed it’s really if you’re going at a high speed!

I haven’t talked about running at all. Well I’ve been so occupied with cycling lately. I started to run about a year ago. Or really just decided to…but then I signed-up for the Stockholm Marathon at the end of May this year! I got a great time! 3.30.35. My goal was just under 4hours so I was really happy! Anyway I’ll get back to my runnings later..I wanna take up something I discussed with my girlfriend as we we’re running. You know how bikers (motorbikers) salute when they drive past each other? At least they do this in Finland. But when you’re running or out with your bike people don’t do that here..

I told my girlfriend it would be a nice gesture to wave or why not give a high-five when you meet someone that is running as well! I’ve tried to smile and give a small nod, but I never get any answer..People seem angry while running..there’s really not many smiles out there. I think of it as an encouragement if someone smiles, nods or imagine a high-five! If you’re tired and then high-five a by passer it’s great encouragement! That’s what they do during Marathons as well! People standing on the side of the track shouting and applauding, kids reaching out for a high-five it’s just wonderful! Why can’t we do this to each other when we’re out training or just jogging for fun?
So please! next time you’re out on a run and you meet a fellow runner at least smile and nod your head! Or why not give a thumbs up? Encourage each other to do the great work you’re doing! And remember to have fun doing it!

When work is fun, you’ll get the reward for having a blast!

Encourage each other!

Encourage each other!