I just felt like running!

Been participating in a few races again! Oh and I also started school again 🙂
Some might say it’s a 30-year crisis, starting to study and running marathons and other races…well feels good to do it so I feel like it’s not an issue. Like Forrest Gump I grew a beard and started running cuz’ I felt like it!
Anyhow first of was:

Turku Triathlon Weekend!
This was the first time they organized this competition in Turku so I was excited to be part of it! It’ll be nice to see how it progresses through the years. There was two options what comes to distance; The Sprint & The Half Distance.
I chose the sprint (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run). I’m not that good a swimmer nor on the bike so this way I got to try it out.
I got exhausted after the swim so I kinda was chilling gathering myself during the biking, then I was able to do my best during the run. finished 49th of 200+ so not that bad 🙂 The whole race was very good organized with clear rutes and instructions along the way! Very nice job!
2015-08-15 11.58.56 2015-08-15 16.04.55 P-R 15.08.2015-1373

Next up:
Tough Viking in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki!
This is a obstacle race in the heart of Helsinki and is 12km runing with about 16 obstacles along the way. At this point I’m already used to queuing to the obstacles as this was my 4th obstacle race so far, so the long queues didn’t bother me as much as many other participants.
They had changed some of the obstacles from last year and made them a bit tougher which was nice! Though at some points it was hard to find the rute. But yet again a fun experiance despite the rain and and getting the flu! I’m gonna do this again!
elhinderTV2015-09-05 14.05.262015-09-05 14.06.47 2015-09-06 18.45.26

During the week after Tough Viking we had some partying at the start of my studies. I started studying Philosophy in Åbo Akademi in Turku and we had the “inscription party” for the new students on Thursday. And two days later on Saturday it was time for:

Turku City Marathon!
My feelings before the race wasn’t that good because I had the flue during the week and my legs hadn’t really recovered from the race last week and I still felt tired from Thursdays party… In the book “Born to Run” they ran after partying so I figured I’d see how far I get and just keep track of my heart rate.
The race took part in the centre of Turku running through it two times. The route was really nice, running by the river and a bit in the forrests and crossing bridges.

The only minus is that it’s a very small marathon so there was very few people participating and cheering. There could have been more organizers too becaus not all turns were obvious. For example in the city they had different turning points for 10km and 1/2 marathon, they had missed to mention (even when I asked the organizer standing there) that the full marathon also turns here… So me and a few others ran about 2km extra…but mistakes happen and I got through to the finish with the time 3h44min!

Well anyhow I bet this will get bigger and better…The scenery was nice and there was enough water stations and so on! All in all a great experiance! And I actually felt like my flue had gone away, like I’d run away from it 😉
2015-09-12 11.40.39 11998323_738277966276244_1929004936_n2015-09-12 15.33.57

So three great races behind! Now I have to focus on school. Icehockey season has started so I’ll be doing that for now!
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