Nowadays news are packed with questions like which Diet one should choose and people try out different kinds of diets. For some they work, for others they don’t, while for some people it works for a while and then they gain everything up again.

There are of course different reasons to go on a diet. To loose weight, to gain weight, to get more energy and what not. It is getting more popular to go on a diet, but when there are so many which one should you choose right? I’ve been asked this question a lot of times and usually I just say I’m eating healthy. If I have to put a name on it it’ll be a kind of mix of LCHF and Paleo. I do however eat what I’m served at friends houses without complaint and then go back to my normal healthy food when I’m home. Where I tend to avoid any kind of sugar and grains.

Everyone knows the frase: “You are what you eat”… well look at this picture which pretty much proves the point:

You are what you eat!

You are what you eat!

When people want to change their way of eating and ask “well what am I supposed to eat?”, you pretty much already know what you’re not supposed to…So a simple tip would be:

Just avoid the things you KNOW are bad for you!!

That’ll be a good start as much of the things that are bad you already know of. Then if you want to go deeper you just have to read a little about it…Here’s a few weight loss tips that are good for healthy living aswell.

Well IF you’re interested, below is a picture of my breakfast this morning.


This breakfast contains: Banana pancakes with strawberry, bacon!, eggs with mayo & spring onion and an apple. Coffee for drinks and usually with lemon water (not in pic). This is absolutely my favourite breakfast! But that’s just me…well and my girlfriends..(Her blogg in swedish) You try it! Cuz you know living healthy CAN be eating the things you like too!
Later I’m gonna post how I lost 17kg in 2 months with eathing the things I like!

Bacon…just saying…


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