Trying different sports!

Lately I have tried a lot of new sports. Last year I ran my first Marathon, Triathlon and Obstacle Race. This summer is going to be no different! I’ve already run a half marathon and in a few weeks I’m going to run my second one. A part from that I’ve signed up for a triathlon sprint in August and another Obstacle Race in September. I hope I will have time for more though…
Most of July is spent going on a roadtrip trough Italy and the south of France with my girlfriend, might wanna check availability for races on those dates!

Today I finished a begginers course of golf and got my Green Card! been thinking of that for a while now and finally got through with it! So got to go out and get down that Handicap!

I also got into Kayaking. My parents house is located at the sea so kayaking has also been on the to-do-list for a very long time. My arms are still a bit untrained for it though cuz after a 15km trip they felt pretty used! Well i did paddle quite hard and there was a heavy wind…Oh and the SUN! You should see my tanline…Only my arms from the T-shirt line down…Found this Picture on the net of different tan lines! Which one are you this summer? 🙂tanlines

The thing I like about these different sports is just that! That they are different! Well at least different from Icehockey and Soccer that I have played all my life. Speaking of wintersports last winter I went cross-country skiing for the first time since the military I think! About 10 years ago! And also alpine skiing first time since a long time ago! So much fun!

I like trying new sports and then have the opportunity to practice them when I feel like it! Then I won’t get bored at any of them because I get enough variation! Not to mention the great workout from all the different sports!

Any way, guess what I’m saying is that if you ever wanted or even a little bit thought about getting in to something or trying something… go for it! Otherwise It’ll just be one more thing you never did…


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