Time for a new trend? Behold…”The Finn”!

With all the fuzz about beard and manbuns going out of trend and being sooo last season and me sitting here wairing for my hair to grow I’m declaring a new Trend “The Finn”!
It’s going to be the next big thing for sure! Prepare yourselves people of the world!

The history:
As a trend starts in USA, France, Australia, Sweden or wherever in the world it always takes a while for it to land in Finland. Most of the new trends go through Sweden first, and before Finns accept anything the Swedes do, it normally takes a good while to chew before swallowing… And this is why we’re always just in time to be too late. Like when H&M in Sweden wants to get rid of all the last season products, they just ship it across the bay to Finland…(at least this is what we think they do) and when we go on our yearly cruise to Sweden we find ourselves wearing everything from last season…

The description of “the Finn”:
Be just in time to be to late! When a trend starts to get old, this is when you jump on it and wear it like a boss! Because it’s cool to start with something everyone else stops doing…

The benefits:
It never gets old, cuz it always is… AND you get to buy all trendy stuff on sale!

So whatever you are thinking of doing but worrying about the timing, just keep calm and carry on! You might just be the new trend!
It’s never too late to be a Finn!

The Finn