The L.A. lifestyle

So I’ve decided to pick up juicing. I know it’s nothing new, but there’s a new boom about it. I’ve been eating multi vitamin pills for a long time already but they are booring and I wanted something new, or different.
This trend started out in Los Angeles and the celebrities and has come to Finland through Sweden. And now to my kitchen 🙂

So why not pick out the fruits/vegetables you like, mix them with other  nutricious ones and just juice the s**t out of them! What you have left is a delicious fresh juice packed with everything you need. Easy right? It might sound so, But I have to know which fruit/vegetable contains what.. so I bought a couple of books to help me out.



I also have a blender for things like avocados, bananas and other soft things that can easily be mixed to a smooth texture..
Well it’s a new “hobby” if you will and I think it’s a good one now that summer is coming and I get to juice all the things growing on my parents yard 😉

It’s been good so far(2 weeks) so whether you’re in it to loose weight, stay healthy or just like the taste of fresh juice I strongly rekommend it!

Stay fresh!
Get juicy!