New Guitar Wanted!

I’ve been thinking about buying a new guitar for a while now. Been looking into Hagströms (Viking) and a Gretsch (Tim Armstrong signature). I really can’t decide on which one to buy. They both look good. I have no clue about Hagströms other than I’ve read that they’re good and that Elvis had one during his comback. Gretsch is a more known brand for me and I’ve seen people use that one more.

I’ve got two interesting choises:

The Hag:

The Gretsch:

Now the Gretsch is twice as expensive as the Hag, but as I know next to nothing about Hags I’m still considering both. They both look good anyhow…

I saw someone compairing an Ibanez AS to these saying it’s as good and inexpensive.. at least as the Hag..

Anyone got any inputs on this?


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