Grand Salute to Major problems and a happy fathers day!

It’s been a while since my last post cuz I’ve been realky busy!! Well not really…been working and such and nothing special really has happened…

Got really frustrated the other day when I tried to play Civilization V on my computer. It’s been a while since I’ve played it and I just got empty space in my (not so busy) scedule. The thing os that 2min into the game the screen goes black, the sound jams up and then the computer restarts. It’s done this before and the problem went away when I cleaned the fans… now though that doesen’t seem to help anymore…although I spent half an hour unscrewing fans, cleaning and putting them back together…what to do…is my computer gettung too old? (from 2010)

The other problem is my arm. I started feeling pain in it on a hockey practice a few days after the Strong Viking race in Amsterdam. I think it’s just that i have worked it too hard and it needs to rest.. it’s a weird pain though.. like a headache but in the arm. It hasn’t gone away now in 2weeks and I really want to play hockey without the pain.

Well that’s enough whining for now… the good parts are that the Strong Viking was really cool! had 35 different obstacles. we did the 19km race so we had to do some of them again. maybe 13km would have been enough to keep it intresting, but I definately will go again next year!
Here’s a video of the race! 10points and a parrot sticker to the one who can spot us in it πŸ˜‰

Strong Viking Aftermovie

Another fun thing was brewing beer this week! It’s going to bee a pretty strong IPA around 7,5%. The bubbling noise in the closet has a nice touch to the weeks of waiting and the excitement of how the beer will turn out! I got so excited I decided to brew another beer next week aswell! It’s going to be a christmas beer… as is the nordic habbit since the Viking era and beyond. So im brewing it with honey.

I’ll be posting about that later.

Last but not least happy fathers day to all dads in the world! Sitting in my parents sofa at the moment watching TV with them both.

Until later!


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