Autumn brings out the Craftsmanship in You

Autumn is a fun time of the year! There’s a lot you can do, or as you had to do “back in the days”, to prepare for winter. This year I got into picking mushrooms in the forrest and making applemash. I also made a lot of sausages, brewed beer and knitted a scarf with my Icehockey teams colors.

IMG_20140905_230018In Finland we have this law called “Everyman’s right” or “Freedom to roam”- as it is called on wikipedia 🙂 Which basically let us go into the forrest to pick berries, mushrooms and whatever the forrest has to offer. During summer and autumn there’s a lot to pick acording to season. I ws too late and too busy during blueberry season so did not get to pick any of those this year, but instead went in for mushrooms. I don’t really know that well which ones are good for food and which are poisonous. Luckily I found a lot of Chantarelles which I am 100% sure about that are great for some mushroom sauce with eg. Salmon, pork or basically any food…It’s just that good… so I cut them in pieces and fried them a bit before putting them in the freezer. This lot made about 10 bags of 4servings.

We also picked some apples from my parents trees on their yard and mom showed how to make mash and use it to make some delicious desssert! Now we got a few bags of that in the freezer too. These will last for a while i think!


Beer brewing has suddenly become a hobby of mine. I took a course in it a few months back and bought equipment to start brewing at home. This was my first try and it still as to mature in the bottles for at least another 4weeks. This one came as a ready package with the malt, hops and yeast. i figured it’s best to try one of these before going on figuring out recipies of my own. Didn’t have a malt grinder though so i tried to crush them with a mortar.. didn’t get all the sugar needed but if the taste is good and there’s bubbles I’m happy. And it was fun trying!

IMG_20140827_140856 IMG_0009

IMG_0004As I wrote in the post before this one Icehockey season has begun! I started working on this scarf during summer with the goal that it had to be ready before the season. I finished the day before the first game, so mission accomplished!! Going to my first game 26th this month as we play against my girlfriends team. Last time we went we won 4-1…

So it’s been a good start on the Autumn learning a lot of new things and had a lot to do! We went to the Tough Viking race in Helsinki which was really fun! Already looking forward to the next one in Amsterdam and the Winter edition up in Lapland!
Here’s a video I made from the race: