Bike for Triathlon?

So I’ve decided to by a bike! I just bought a bike actually but now i want one that I can compete with in triathlons and also train with all year round. I have no idea which one to get. What’s a cyclocross bike? What’s the difference between that one and a road bike? Do I even need a special triathlon bike? Which ones are allowed to be used competing? I’ve read a few forums but they tend so say different things! It doesen’t have to be too expensive but good enough for my needs. So now I need help from anyone who knows anything about bikes or someone who has competed in a triathlon!

What bike should I get and where can I buy one?

Also wondering about the rest of the thing you need for a triathlon. How about wetsuits? Is there something you can wear through the whole race so you don’t have to change? how about shoes? Bike shoes or normal shoes? Goggles? What triathlons are fun/worth going to?

Anyway we signed up for Tough Viking in Helsinki for 6.9.2014! And got a bunch of friends to go too! It’s going to be lots of fun! A lot of fun obstacles in the way while running for 12km can’t be anything but fun can it? 🙂 It’ll be a fun experience for us to work as a team and getting past challenges. We’re really not competing agains anyone or the clock but just going for it to enjoy the experience and have a great time doing it! In Helsinki we’re goint to be about 10people which will be a great warm up for Strong Viking that My girlfriend and I signed up for which is held in Amsterdam 25.10.2014! There we will be just the two of us so it’ll be whole new experience!
Our T-shirts for Tough Viking arrived two days ago!

Tough Viking T-shirts!

If anyone wants to go to this event feel free to join our team!
Take care and happy MIDSUMMER!!


Snack Bar: Part 1 – Mantun Grilli

After our visit to “Pop-Kalaset” (a music festival held annually in Ekenäs) we decided to go for the perfect hang-over food. Mantun Grilli is a well known snack bar right in the center of Turku.

At first glance it doesen’t look like much, I mean it’s a small 6m2 yellow box next to a parking lot. It’s only open Tuesday-Sunday from 6pm so during the day while passing it it’s a small closed yellow box. Anyhow leaving a bar or nightclub on weekends you’re lucky if there’s no queue because the line tend to fill upp most of the sidewalk on the late hours. It has only one table with benches to sit and eat outside and a few more benches in the surrounding park area. Most people tend to take their food home with them as take-Away.
The Menu seems quite large for this little place but on a closer look it’s because all the extra ingredients takes most of the room. They don’t really have any “speciality” of their own, like their own hamburger, but still they are quite famous for their “Makkaraperunat” (Sausagepotatos) which is basically frozen fries with sausage bits. This is a very common dish in most snack bars i Finland but the thing that makes these special is the garlic sauce! (At least for me…other sauces also available)

This time we went home with the sausagepotatos as well, but also a hamburger with cheese. The hamburger was pretty flat beacause of the press-grill they use and had a lot of onion in it (for those who don’t like onions BEWARE). The sausagepotatos came drenched in the garlic sausage which, by my opinion, is exactly how I want them. Although worth mentioning is that the frozen potatoes tasted exaclty like that..basic frozen potatoes. Now going home from the bar a bit “tipsy” and wanting that salty fatty food this is the right place to go.

I’m going to try to scale the food 1-10:

1 – 4 (awful – not eatable)
5 – 10 (eatable-perfection)

Hamburger with Cheese: 5  (might be better changing half the onions into more sallad)
Makkaraperunat: 7
Garlic sauce: 10+ (Which basically leaves the)
Makkaraperunat with garlic sauce at: 9-


Peace of mind, body and soul

I set a goal for this summer, actually I set a goal for my life. My goal is to write a book, I figured starting a blog to work on my writing skills would be a great start. So I decided to start one…but I had no clue what to write about. Would I write about the book/s I want to write? The books I’ve read? Maybe not even write about books at all. The thing is I used to hate reading…I got through the university only buying one book (whitch I opened once). But now I kinda enjoy reading. It’s been 9 years since I started studying and 3 years since I graduated, and I’ve read more books this year than I’ve read in my entire life and there’s still more to be read. I hope reading and writing will somehow help me improve myself on an intellectual level.

So anyhow, writing a book isn’t my only goal in life. I’ve also had running a marathon on my list which I finished only 9 days ago in Stockholm. That was just the beginning though, I wanted to start a more active life and for that I needed a goal. The marathon was only the first milestone on the path and worked as a goal for me to keep on going for runs. Now I need a new goal, which I’ve already set to be to complete a triathlon. So this summer I’m going to start working on my swimming and biking skills, which I hope will also help me improve myself on a physical level.

While all the reading, writing and riding along tend to make a man hungry, my third goal for this summer is food. I’ve always had a life long dream about having my own restaurant where I could spend my retirement days sipping great wine and telling stories that nobody really knows are true or not. To this day I’ve worked as a bartender and waiter at several places around Turku and it’s archipelago, and I like what I do. This has triggered an intrest for food and drinks and I’m curious of new products and experiencing new things. So last autumn, driving my car thinking about my new goals for the summer to come, I went past a snackbar that I’ve driven past thousands of times but never entered I wondered if I knew anyone who had? It’s a place that everyone knows but very few have experienced. This was when it hit me to bike there and blog about it. So the third goal for this summer is to bike to different snackbars around Turku and blog about them. Food is the way to a mans heart so I hope this will help me improve myself on a spiritual level.

So this is the blog:

“A mind-blowing, body-shaking and soul-shaping bike ride in a mans life”

Take care & stay tuned