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So I’ve decided to pick up juicing. I know it’s nothing new, but there’s a new boom about it. I’ve been eating multi vitamin pills for a long time already but they are booring and I wanted something new, or different.
This trend started out in Los Angeles and the celebrities and has come to Finland through Sweden. And now to my kitchen :)

So why not pick out the fruits/vegetables you like, mix them with other  nutricious ones and just juice the s**t out of them! What you have left is a delicious fresh juice packed with everything you need. Easy right? It might sound so, But I have to know which fruit/vegetable contains what.. so I bought a couple of books to help me out.



I also have a blender for things like avocados, bananas and other soft things that can easily be mixed to a smooth texture..
Well it’s a new “hobby” if you will and I think it’s a good one now that summer is coming and I get to juice all the things growing on my parents yard ;)

It’s been good so far(2 weeks) so whether you’re in it to loose weight, stay healthy or just like the taste of fresh juice I strongly rekommend it!

Stay fresh!
Get juicy!

From Guerrilla to President! One of the worlds greatest leaders!

presidentEver heard of José “Pepe” Mujica? “The worlds poorest president”? You know the country Uruguay? Well he was the president for Uruguay for 5 years until a few days ago.According to Uruguay law he could only be President for 5 years from 2010-2015. During his 5 years a lot of things happened in Uruguay. Although not much has been written about it in Europe, not to mention in Finland. The legalization of Marijuana might be the thing most people have heard of, and seen pictures of in social media.

To name a few of the things this extraordinary president did:

KuplaHe’s a humble man Pepe, only took 10% of his salary and donating the rest to charity. This means he lived on a pretty average salary. Well average in Uruguay maybe…roughly 500€/month is less than we get from the government for free when we study in Finland…But still we want more..Think about that…

SalaryHe didn’t live in the presidential palace or drive around in a fancy car. He lives on his wife’s farm on the countryside and drives an old Volkswagen Beetle. Which he also picks up hitchhikers in that needs a ride!

He legalized marijuana, abortion & gay marriages. He got the economy to rise with higher salaries and less unemployment.  Even the nations football team has done better in both 2010 & 2014 Fifa World Cups than they have since 1970!

Well for a former guerrilla, that used to rob banks, been to prison for 14 years, shot 6 times he seems to have done pretty well. Makes you wonder what the world would look like if all presidents were down to earth like him, OR better yet, if normal people like you and me were a little bit more like this guy? Wouldn’t the world be a bit better off? Any thoughts?



He hardly wore a tie…

If you want to read more about him here’s a few links:–e1t_MupEpl

Or use wikipedia…

Adios Pepe! Hope you inspired others!

Finland mentioned, see you at the plaza! ( a.k.a. “Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan!”)

Suomi mainittu, Torilla tavataan! This is what we usually say, sometimes as a joke but other times when we mean it, when Finland is mentioned in news or comments or any media outside our borders. This means we go to the plaza, city square, market square whatever you want to call it (it’s just tori in Finnish) to celebrate! Which usually looks something like this:


Beer in one hand is a must! Naked is optional but very common.

Nowadays Finland is getting quite much attention, than what we are used to. We’re not that many living here so everything that happens in the world with “our name” on it is a huge win! The most recent news that is going on all over the world is the win of the band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN) in the UMK competition that decides who will be the one to represent Finalnd in the Eurovision song contest. There has been a lot of discussion about this. Luckily most of the comments have been good and positive!
Oh did I mention that this band consists of 4 mentally handicapped men that play Punk Rock? Well it does…and it’s the first Punk Rock band, not to mention handicapped, that has competed! EVER!

Finland is getting a fine reputation of being ground breaking in extraordinary things! The first (and only) Eurovision we’ve won we did by sending monsters that played Hard Rock. We also had a girl-girl kiss on scene. This time we send a mentally handicapped band that play Punk Rock..What’s wrong with that? As the singer in the band said:

“We’re just ordinary guys, with a mental handicap.”

I wouldn’t be surpriced if that statement came from any other Punk Rock band out there…These guys play a very old-school form of the genre and sing about their life in a group home. They’ve got a clear message and do an awesome job! The legendary Punk Rock band Dead Kennedys shared their video with the news and got tens of thousands of likes and shares!

mqdefaultNow IF you don’t like Punk Rock that’s Your thing.. then don’t vote… but going online saying this is wrong and jadajada is just annoying…last year a bearded lady named conchita wurst won…just saying…This is what Finland thinks about the Eurovision Song Contest, this is Punk Rock…the nation has voted! :)

IF you think this is Punk going mainsteam and nagging about it… then I have to say,
Fuck off hipster.

Suomi+mainittu+torilla+tavataan+_a49445a9dc3bcebe8391c1f400f9a0d2Well speaking about ground breaking things. Just to mention a few other ground breaking things Finland did! One of the first nations to allow women to vote, just accepted gay marridges (yes that one took a while), defended the country against the sovjet in the world wars, developed the mobile phone!

The last one is quite ironic…everyone knows how Finns are quiet and tend to keep to themselves? Why would we develop a device so that we can talk to each other more? Well we did also invent the internet chat protocol IRC and SMS messaging so we wouldn’t need to see or hear each other…

Well and of course there was the time Conan O’Brian said something wrong about Finland when we listed as the number one country in education…Well he didn’t know we actually watch his show so he of course had to apologise whit mentioning Finland a bunch of times…which means we got to celebrate! Whoop

Conan found out he looked like the president at the time, Said Sweden sucks and visited and witnessed winter swimming.

conan_obrien_tarja_finland_He came to visit and experienced swimming in winter, found out he looked like our President at the time and said Sweden sucks...conan_obrien_tarja_finland4

He found out the show got canceled in Finland.

Well anyway new things are fun, exciting, educating and keeps us going on! So feel free to mention Finland as much as you like so we get to party and don’t forget to vote for Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät during Eurovision!

See You at the plaza!

New Guitar Wanted!

I’ve been thinking about buying a new guitar for a while now. Been looking into Hagströms (Viking) and a Gretsch (Tim Armstrong signature). I really can’t decide on which one to buy. They both look good. I have no clue about Hagströms other than I’ve read that they’re good and that Elvis had one during his comback. Gretsch is a more known brand for me and I’ve seen people use that one more.

I’ve got two interesting choises:

The Hag:

The Gretsch:

Now the Gretsch is twice as expensive as the Hag, but as I know next to nothing about Hags I’m still considering both. They both look good anyhow…

I saw someone compairing an Ibanez AS to these saying it’s as good and inexpensive.. at least as the Hag..

Anyone got any inputs on this?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wow what a hectic but yet so nice christmas it was! had The christmas tree decorated, ginger breads made, drank mulled wine and I already got a bit worried about snow, but the day before christmas it snowed a LOT! So yey! we got a white christmas this year and it seems to hold up too!

Went skiing today for the first time this winter! We bought ourself early x-mas gifts, which were mountain skis AND cross country skis. Today we did about an hour of “XC skiing”. This because we we’re so exited when buying we forgot the sticks. So we only had one pair that I have for roller skiing…Image1 And a gentleman/woodsman as I am I let my girlfriend use them and found myself a perfectly good stick from the forrest.

It had been a while since any of us had been skiing so it took a while to get used to it, but the more fun it was! We decided to do this more often!

Looking forward to going to the mountains as well and try out our new alpine skiing gear too! But that’ll be in a few months in march I think.

Well… that about skiing…food anyone? Just HOW much did I eat these last few days? spending x-mas at several places and eating a christmas dinner at all of them really fills one up! At least for my account If not with salmond and ham then with chocolate truffles. Looking forward to a few days of resting before New Years eve!Image5

Did brew two kind of beer for the holidays, I’m really happy about the IPA! The x-mas beer didnät quite turn out as I expected so have to work on that one for next year ;)
Fortunately did not drink all the beer I made so we do have some left for the new year celebration!

That’s all! Just wanted to say I’m thankful for all the snow, family and friends and the gifts and wish everyone a happy new year!

Beerbrew and broken wine bottles

So I’ve really gotten in to brewing beer. It’s an exciting craft as you have to wait for it and see how it turns out. Brewed my third batch yesterday which is going to bee this years christmas beer. It has honey, orange peel, ginger and cilantro as spices. It’ll be aroung 6,3%.


Color of the Christmas Beer

As I mentioned in the last post I made an IPA and it’s still fermenting in the kitchen. It’s nice sitting in the kitchen and having them both making bubbly sounds in different corners of the room.

Was a busy day, yesterday, as we started off with a morning jog for 6,6km with my girlfriend, then I started brewing beer and by the time I finished up cleaning she’d come back from thaiboxing and I headed off to hockey practice. After that I went for another jog 12km with a friend and ended the night on the sofa and had a beer. Nice day really!

Another thing I learned this week was to cut wine bottles using water…yupp at first I thought how in the world that is possible, but after a few minutes on youtube it got pretty easy :)
And so I made a candle wine bottle plank thingy :P or an advent candle holder. Im planning to make a chadelier of wine bottles…only need a bit help from a electrician.


Yeah so that’s some of my many hobbies. At the moment I’m reading Thimothy Ferries book “4hour body” that has many intresting tips and facts.
I look forward to the day I get to write a book that’ll be nice…just for the fun of it :)

Well if you don’t have any hobbies get one.. there’s always time for it..for a small one..maybe together with someone or at the same time doing something else. It keeps things interesting

Save water and have a beer.

Grand Salute to Major problems and a happy fathers day!

It’s been a while since my last post cuz I’ve been realky busy!! Well not really…been working and such and nothing special really has happened…

Got really frustrated the other day when I tried to play Civilization V on my computer. It’s been a while since I’ve played it and I just got empty space in my (not so busy) scedule. The thing os that 2min into the game the screen goes black, the sound jams up and then the computer restarts. It’s done this before and the problem went away when I cleaned the fans… now though that doesen’t seem to help anymore…although I spent half an hour unscrewing fans, cleaning and putting them back together…what to do…is my computer gettung too old? (from 2010)

The other problem is my arm. I started feeling pain in it on a hockey practice a few days after the Strong Viking race in Amsterdam. I think it’s just that i have worked it too hard and it needs to rest.. it’s a weird pain though.. like a headache but in the arm. It hasn’t gone away now in 2weeks and I really want to play hockey without the pain.

Well that’s enough whining for now… the good parts are that the Strong Viking was really cool! had 35 different obstacles. we did the 19km race so we had to do some of them again. maybe 13km would have been enough to keep it intresting, but I definately will go again next year!
Here’s a video of the race! 10points and a parrot sticker to the one who can spot us in it ;)

Strong Viking Aftermovie

Another fun thing was brewing beer this week! It’s going to bee a pretty strong IPA around 7,5%. The bubbling noise in the closet has a nice touch to the weeks of waiting and the excitement of how the beer will turn out! I got so excited I decided to brew another beer next week aswell! It’s going to be a christmas beer… as is the nordic habbit since the Viking era and beyond. So im brewing it with honey.

I’ll be posting about that later.

Last but not least happy fathers day to all dads in the world! Sitting in my parents sofa at the moment watching TV with them both.

Until later!

Autumn brings out the Craftsmanship in You

Autumn is a fun time of the year! There’s a lot you can do, or as you had to do “back in the days”, to prepare for winter. This year I got into picking mushrooms in the forrest and making applemash. I also made a lot of sausages, brewed beer and knitted a scarf with my Icehockey teams colors.

IMG_20140905_230018In Finland we have this law called “Everyman’s right” or “Freedom to roam”- as it is called on wikipedia :) Which basically let us go into the forrest to pick berries, mushrooms and whatever the forrest has to offer. During summer and autumn there’s a lot to pick acording to season. I ws too late and too busy during blueberry season so did not get to pick any of those this year, but instead went in for mushrooms. I don’t really know that well which ones are good for food and which are poisonous. Luckily I found a lot of Chantarelles which I am 100% sure about that are great for some mushroom sauce with eg. Salmon, pork or basically any food…It’s just that good… so I cut them in pieces and fried them a bit before putting them in the freezer. This lot made about 10 bags of 4servings.

We also picked some apples from my parents trees on their yard and mom showed how to make mash and use it to make some delicious desssert! Now we got a few bags of that in the freezer too. These will last for a while i think!


Beer brewing has suddenly become a hobby of mine. I took a course in it a few months back and bought equipment to start brewing at home. This was my first try and it still as to mature in the bottles for at least another 4weeks. This one came as a ready package with the malt, hops and yeast. i figured it’s best to try one of these before going on figuring out recipies of my own. Didn’t have a malt grinder though so i tried to crush them with a mortar.. didn’t get all the sugar needed but if the taste is good and there’s bubbles I’m happy. And it was fun trying!

IMG_20140827_140856 IMG_0009

IMG_0004As I wrote in the post before this one Icehockey season has begun! I started working on this scarf during summer with the goal that it had to be ready before the season. I finished the day before the first game, so mission accomplished!! Going to my first game 26th this month as we play against my girlfriends team. Last time we went we won 4-1…

So it’s been a good start on the Autumn learning a lot of new things and had a lot to do! We went to the Tough Viking race in Helsinki which was really fun! Already looking forward to the next one in Amsterdam and the Winter edition up in Lapland!
Here’s a video I made from the race:

Ice ice baby!

A few weeks ago I was a bit sad thinking summer is over, but you know when a door closes another one opens…

So finally the Icehockey season has started! Been on the ice a few times and even seen some games on TV. Although the world championships in football was fun and exciting it doesen’t really live up to icehockey for me. Many might not agree at all, but living in the north and in Finland where it’s one of the biggest sports it’s one of my favorite things in life.
So I got my hockey gear down from the attic and I go play two times a week and it feels great! It’s such a fast sport it really makes your hart work which makes it the perfekt HIIT- training now that that is in fashion ;) 
Other thatn that i makes your brain work faster and improves your problem solving skills as well as your eye-to-hand/feet action. This is what I call full body workout! You are actually in a bit of a squat position all the time and other than working the feet ,core and arms it’s great for brain, balance, heart and reflexes. But also good to remember is that it’s a team sport and teaches you to work/play well with others!
xin_08020323152309669206Now Iceockey might not be the biggest sport or sporting events in the world but it’s almost as old (as a registered sport) as the biggest sport in the world, football. Here it’s pretty common for children to play icehockey during winter and football during summer.


You can say what you want about what the best and toughest sport is and argue that they use protection in icehockey and not in for example rugby. Just remember that Icehockey is a lot faster and there’s a hard puck that goes up to 183.67 km/h flying around and might hit your face.

“Is hockey hard? I don’t know, you tell me. We need to have the strength and power of a football player, the stamina of a marathon runner, and the concentration of a brain surgeon. But we need to put all this together while moving at high speeds on a cold and slippery surface while five other guys use clubs to try and kill us, oh yeah did I mention that this whole time we’re standing on blades 1/8 of an inch thick? Is ice hockey hard? I don’t know, you tell me.” – Brendan Shanahan –  

An inspirational hockey video:

For those who like watching hits check this compilation of rugby and hockey:


Only one of them is a world champion!

I’ve almost forgotten about running! Although it has been rainy and I have been a bit ill after the triathlon last Sunday, which by the way went pretty well! I finished 15th of 50 i think in my class… so not too bad for my first one! Made a few beginners mistakes like taking too long changing clothes and pushing too hard during swimming.. I even (almost) fell with the bike, and made the chain jump off…  anyway it was really fun and I think I’m going to keep going on those! Next up though are two obstacle races. One in Helsinki and the other one in Amsterdam. 

 Keep calm and get on the ice!

Ooops I did it again!

Here we go again, I’ve signed up for another marathon! This time it will be in Tokyo, Japan, the 22th of February 2015! Well at least if number of participants doesn’t exceed 35,500. Because then it will go to lottery… I got so excited, I’ve aways wanted to go to Tokyo! Can’t understand why I haven’t yet… I always see a lot of crazy stuff going on there in documentaries and especially all the shows on travel channel! So why not mix two fun things into one great thing? Of course I’m going there when there’s a Marathon! So let’s just keep our thumbs up and hope I get to run it!

Big in Japan

Big in Japan

But to not jump too far ahead in the future I still have a few races to finish here in Finland before I get to do anything else. This week on Sunday I will try my first Triathlon! It’s a very short one though but that’s good for starters.. If I like it I’ll join more and longer ones in the future. This one is held in Helsinki and it’s kind of a Tri-for-fun race. There’s a race separately for competition bikes and normal bikes. I entered the one for competition although the tyres of my bike are 10mm wider than the limit…whatever…The route is 300m Swim, 10km Bike and 3km Run. So kind of a sprint really.


Tri                                                    For                                                          Fun

After that the 6th of September we’ve (with a bunch of friends) signed up for the obstacle race “Tough Viking” which is also held in Helsinki! This is going to be lot’s of fun I believe! 12km route with (at least) 15 obstacles! Although this is still a test run for the one we’re going to with my girlfriend in Amsterdam the 25th of October! That one is 19km! We’ve done a bit of training for this already. We go running together as part of a training program I made for her which includes running 4 times a week!! 

Tough Viking

Tough Viking

So as far as today goes the following races will come up:
24.8 Helsinki Triathlon
6.9 Tough Viking Helsinki
25.10 Strong Viking (brother edition) Amsterdam
22.2.2015 Tokyo Marathon

Still got a few races on my mind but we’ll see how the first ones go first! I would want to do a race in South America next i think!

Run and have Fun!